Naming Your Emotions

You get into an argument for the 100th time with your spouse. By the end of it, you two are yelling. You know you are mad now, but you aren’t sure how things got so out of hand in the first place. You’ve always had some trouble effectively communicating your feelings when you are upset or riled up, but this time was especially bad.

Having trouble identifying what you are feeling? It can take a lot of practice to be able to know and label how you were feeling in a heated moment. It can take even more practice to be able to know and label how you are feeling in the moment itself. The first step is integrating emotions words into your everyday vocabulary and practicing utilizing them.

Use the following list to help you more easily and quickly figure out what emotions you are experiencing:


You can look at it after the fact to help you figure out what was going on. Or you can feel free to whip it out in the moment to try to help you identify your emotions. Or anything else that works for you!

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