Let Go of Self Judgment

When we are overwhelmed, stressed, sad, or generally just not feeling great, it is normal to also feel angry, regretful, or resentful about having the latter feelings. You may ask yourself “Why can’t I just get over this?” or “What is wrong with me that I get so upset in these situations?” Judgmental thoughts towards Read more about Let Go of Self Judgment[…]

Pay Attention To Your Pain

All too often our society teaches us to disconnect from our bodies on an emotional level. Rolled your ankle at soccer practice? Shake it off and keep running. Woke up not feeling 100%? Your mom rushes you out the door because you have that major math test this afternoon. These figures in our life growing Read more about Pay Attention To Your Pain[…]

Distinguish Between What You Can Control And What You Can’t

One of the most anxiety provoking and depressing things about any stressful situation or mental health issue is the feeling that it is outside of your control. Odds are your doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist may be able to give you an educated hypothesis about why your symptoms developed, but he or she will not be Read more about Distinguish Between What You Can Control And What You Can’t[…]

Accept Your Pain

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount or intensity of physical pain you are experiencing? Often times physical pain ultimately causes us equally persistent and extreme emotional pain and suffering. While it may seem counter intuitive or impossible, practicing acceptance of physical and emotional pain is possible and can reduce overall suffering. Check out my latest guest Read more about Accept Your Pain[…]

Find A Consistent Source of Emotional Support

More than anything, when coping with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue it is of the utmost importance to have a consistent source of emotional support. You may be lucky enough to have people in your life that can support you like this. However, I often find that most people have well-intention-ed, caring Read more about Find A Consistent Source of Emotional Support[…]

Rachel Roos Pokorney, LCSW Receives 2015 Best Businesses of New York Award

New York, March 02, 2016 — Rachel Roos Pokorney, LCSW has been selected for the 2015 Best Businesses of New York Award in the Counseling & Mental Health category by the Best Businesses of New York Award Program.

Managing Your Mind By Managing Your Body

There is a strong connection between our mental and physical health. Sometimes when your mental health is out of whack, taking a look at your physical health can lead to a solution. Learn more through my latest guest blog post with Christine Fernandez & Associates. http://www.drchristinenyc.com/body/  

Finding A Therapist You Trust

Finding a therapist who is right for you, makes you feel comfortable and safe, and that you trust is extremely important. Research even supports the importance of the therapeutic bond between therapist and client, often times citing a high correlation between this facet of therapy and successful outcomes. Check out my latest blog post on Read more about Finding A Therapist You Trust[…]

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