How to Survive A Break-Up Part III

Recently single and having trouble managing with your break-up? Or afraid of ending your relationship even though you know you should because you aren’t sure how you would cope? Check out the last installment in my 3 part blog post series about how to survive a break-up. This is yet another guest blog post with Read more about How to Survive A Break-Up Part III[…]

Screening for Adult ADD

You glance at the clock in the living room and gasp as you realize you are already running 10 minutes late. You are pretty much ready. Just grab your keys and go. Sounds easy enough, except you can’t remember where you left your keys. You check your purse first, which would be the most logical Read more about Screening for Adult ADD[…]

4 Way To Use DBT Daily

Check out my guest blog post contribution to, a well known and respected resource for people struggling with or suffering from anxiety related issues. The post centers on ways to integrate DBT into your every day life in some easy laid out steps.

How To Survive A Break-Up The Series: Part II

Check out my latest guest blog post for the fabulous private practice I work with, Dr. Christine Fernandez & Associates. In Part II of this multi-part blog series, I continue to outline additional areas of importance to consider when trying to cope effectively with a break-up.

How To Survive A Break-Up: The Series Part I

Having difficulty coping with a recent break-up? I have some advice for you in this multi-part series I am writing for the amazing group practice I work for: Christine Fernandez & Associates. Part I is about managing feelings after a break-up. Check it out below.

Fake It Till You Make It

Sometimes when you are really feeling horrible, the only thing you can do is fake it till you make it. Put another way, you act like you would if you felt better behaviorally and eventually your emotions and thoughts follow suit. Check out my latest blog post with the fantastic group practice I work for, Read more about Fake It Till You Make It[…]

Signs You Might Be In A Co-Dependent Relationship

Co-Dependency. This was a term that originally gained notoriety in the context of families struggling with alcoholism and/or substance abuse. While the term can certainly be applicable in that content, it also has a much wider reach. Someone who has experienced significant trauma or grows up in a household where emotional intelligence is not a Read more about Signs You Might Be In A Co-Dependent Relationship[…]

Take A Mental Health Day

Ever been so overwhelmed that you feel like if one more bad thing happens you won’t be able to cope? Check out my latest guest blog post with the fabulous private practice I work with, Christine Fernandez & Associates, that addresses the importance of taking the occasional mental health day.

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