What’s In A Name? Understanding Your Identity

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” – Ralph Ellison. Invisible Man Identity is a tricky thing. Some people spend their whole lives looking for it. Others seek out every opportunity to avoid it, not wanting to be locked into a particular set of standards or rules. Regardless, the search to understand your Read more about What’s In A Name? Understanding Your Identity[…]

You’ve Been Meditating Wrong

What do you think of when you think of meditation? Images likely come to mind of Yoga poses or sitting with your legs crossed listening to the sound of running water. Whatever your motivation traditional and stereotypical forms of meditation are perfectly fine. There is nothing wrong with them. That being said, if your goal Read more about You’ve Been Meditating Wrong[…]

Accept Your Suffering

It’s just like any standard Saturday afternoon. Well, at least a standard Saturday afternoon for you. You’ve gotten dressed for the day and are about to head out. You start crying. Why? Because even though you hadn’t been focusing on it for a few minutes, your momentary relief is quickly severed as you resume thinking Read more about Accept Your Suffering[…]

Manage Your Emotions, Change Your Life

When you think of people who need to learn how to better control their emotions, some stereotypes may come to mind. Flashes quickly pass of people who have a drug addiction, are suicidal, or need anger management. It may be easier to see how people who go from 0 to 100% at the smallest provocation Read more about Manage Your Emotions, Change Your Life[…]

Let Go of Self Judgment

When we are overwhelmed, stressed, sad, or generally just not feeling great, it is normal to also feel angry, regretful, or resentful about having the latter feelings. You may ask yourself “Why can’t I just get over this?” or “What is wrong with me that I get so upset in these situations?” Judgmental thoughts towards Read more about Let Go of Self Judgment[…]

What It’s Like To Have Depression

Scenario 1: You wake up but part of you wishes you were still asleep. At least when you’re still asleep you don’t feel like this. You feel so sad and anxious that the thought of leaving your bed to use the restroom seems like an impossible feat. You are embarrassed to admit that you briefly Read more about What It’s Like To Have Depression[…]

Wave My Magic Wand, Change Your Life

Have you ever been unhappy in your life, but not be sure what is wrong or what you can do about it? You may know about certain aspects of your life that make you unhappy. You may describe it as “having a negative attitude” or “bad things always happening to me”. You may even know that you Read more about Wave My Magic Wand, Change Your Life[…]

How Do I Know If I Have Depression?

A recent patient of mine suffering from depression shared with me her embarrassment and confusion. Surely, she thought, she couldn’t be depressed. She received excellent work performance reviews, had three beautiful children, and was married to a husband she loved. She felt that with everything she had going for her, she had no reason or Read more about How Do I Know If I Have Depression?[…]

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