The Cycle of Abuse

Feeling like your fighting too much with your spouse? Does his or her reaction make you feel like you are solely to blame for the issues in your relationship? Or do you make excuses for his or her clearly abusive behavior to make yourself feel better about the way that he or she treats you? Maybe Read more about The Cycle of Abuse[…]

Coping With Your Family’s Mental Health

A continually overlooked group, however, are the friends and family members of those who struggle with mental health. These people often have their own equally important mental health needs.  Check out my latest guest blog post with one of the group therapy practice’s I work for, Christine Fernandez & Associates. Coping with Your Family’s Mental Read more about Coping With Your Family’s Mental Health[…]

3 Important Uses for Humor

Something my mother taught me from a young age was the importance of laughter. Even in the most stressful of times, she was able to find a piece of irony to comment on or a goofy joke to make me chuckle. In her own private practice, she often uses humor as a means of communicating Read more about 3 Important Uses for Humor[…]

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