What Happy Couples Do: Argue

You are talking to your friend about your argument last night with your wife. After venting and beginning to feel a bit better, you ask him about the last time he and his wife argued. He can’t remember. In fact, in the past few years, he genuinely thinks they haven’t had a single fight. Sounds Read more about What Happy Couples Do: Argue[…]

4 Simple Steps To Improve Communication In Your Relationship

Are there certain things you feel like you avoid discussing with your spouse? Do you struggle to tell your partner when you feel upset, sad, regretful, irritated, or resentful? Have you noticed feeling emotionally distant in your relationship? Check out my latest blog post with one of the fabulous group therapy practice’s I work for, Read more about 4 Simple Steps To Improve Communication In Your Relationship[…]

5 Skills to Improve Your Relationship

In a world where technology allows us to be reachable by anyone 24-7, maintaining an intimate relationship with your spouse is tough. You come home from a long day at work, put down your bag (or bags), maybe exercise, scarf down dinner, check and respond to work and personal emails, continue to do any work Read more about 5 Skills to Improve Your Relationship[…]

How To: Argue With Your Spouse

Every relationship involves disagreements, arguments, and some level of learning to communicate with another person. Not every disagreement evolves into an argument. But, if something does, there are ways to argue well. The way you choose to communicate during these more heated conversations can ultimately determine its outcome. The following are a few recommendations to Read more about How To: Argue With Your Spouse[…]

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