The Cycle of Abuse

Feeling like your fighting too much with your spouse? Does his or her reaction make you feel like you are solely to blame for the issues in your relationship? Or do you make excuses for his or her clearly abusive behavior to make yourself feel better about the way that he or she treats you? Maybe he or she doesn’t hit you, but their words burn hotter than any welt he or she could have left with a fist. This person can be a romantic partner, friend, family member, or parent. It can be anyone with whom you have a close relationship of some kind.

Very common, but seldom talked about in every day social circles, is the issue of abusive relationships. With Johnny Depp and others in the news lately for abuse allegations, hopefully more of these stories in every day America will start to come to light so people can receive the help that they need. But celebrity stories aren’t the only thing needed to bring an issue to the forefront. The most important piece of missing information is just that, information. When people are more educated about abuse, they are more likely to be able to identify it in their own relationships and then, hopefully, appropriately seek help.

Please see the below explanations for what we call the cycle of abuse:



Worried that you may be in a relationship that’s abusive or have a history of abuse that you have left but are still trying to recover from? Email or call (646) 653-4397

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