Manage Your Emotions, Change Your Life

When you think of people who need to learn how to better control their emotions, some stereotypes may come to mind. Flashes quickly pass of people who have a drug addiction, are suicidal, or need anger management. It may be easier to see how people who go from 0 to 100% at the smallest provocation could benefit from being more in tune with and learning to manage their emotions. However, nearly everyone has likely found themselves being ruled by their emotional state at times.

Have you ever responded to a text and later regretted what you said? Have you ever had difficulty telling your spouse about the hurtful thing they said to you? You were at the mercy of your feelings. Your emotions were managing you rather than you managing your emotions. Do you to learn how to do things differently?

You can start to feel more empowered to manage your feelings and not allow them to impact your behavior or responses. Start by noticing your emotions and what they make you want to do. Then ask yourself if you weren’t feeling that way whether you would still be responding similarly. Put another way, you can say to yourself:

I’m feeling X & that is making me want to do Y. If I wasn’t feeling X, would I still want to do Y?”

This is an excellent start to learning to manage your emotions and changing your life for the better.

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