Top 8 Relationship Problems Every Couple Faces

Relationship problems are very common among couples. Whether your relationship faces the axe or overcomes the hurdles and takes the smooth ride depends on how you handle the problems. On that note, it makes sense to understand the various types of relationship problems  and be prepared to handle the situation better when the problem arises in the future.

Here are the top 8 relationship problems couples face:

1. Cheating, lying, and fake promises

If you are caught cheating, lying, stealing, or making false promises, then your relationship can take a nasty hit. Among these issues, love can be lost, trust can be broken, and arguments can increase in the relationship.

2. Decision-making power

When it comes to making decisions, whether it’s about finance, vacation, household matters, or friends, the relationship loses balance when one partner has more control than the other. Making your marriage a partnership is important. If this isn’t a priority, mutual respect can be lost and ultimately lead to relationship problems among couples.

3. Isolation from friends

Sometimes, too much of anything could prove to be bad. Couples sometimes isolate themselves from family, relatives, and friends hoping for more time alone together. Closeness is important, but it is important to remain a sense of identity for yourself in your relationship.

4. Lack of interest in partner’s goals

Sometimes one person in a couple doesn’t take seriously the other one’s goals about their career, business plans, weight loss, or values. This can lead to issues as the other partner can feel un-respected or unsupported by their spouse.

5. Insecurity

Even the happiest of people can sometimes feel insecure in the right circumstances. When you get a late reply to your Whatsapp message which was seen long before, then you might feel your partner doesn’t love you. This can lead to maladaptive behavioral patterns if not dealt with and communicated to your partner.

6. Comparison

Without meaning to, we can compare ourselves to others in an unhealthy way. Your wife might compare herself with a previous coworker who went on to earn multiple times more. If your wife laughs at another man’s joke, you might find yourself worrying if he is funnier than you. Comparisons could seriously hurt us individually and, in that way, can also hurt our relationship. When aren’t confident in ourselves, our relationship suffers.

7. Poor communication

When you don’t share your thoughts, opinions, and feelings to your partner, there could be problems due to poor communication. Some people have the habit of keeping things to themselves and then acting out in an unhealthy way. This is dangerous. No matter what mistake you or your partner has committed, if you love each other truly, then the only way out is to talk and resolve the issues.

8. Not making your partner feel sexy

When talking about or even in the midst of your intimate or sexual moments, make sure that you praise your spouse. While communication about what you want or need sexually from your partner is important, complaining about or insulting your husband or wife can only breed discontent in your relationship.

Final Words

It’s all about understanding and respecting each other in every situation. When you have understanding and stay bonded during the good and bad times, your relationship is set up to be at its best.

Sometimes, you may even need a therapist to help you improve your relationship.

Author Bio: Kafe is a writer at, a site that offers tips on love, relationships, and sex life to help strengthen the physical and emotional bonding among couples.

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