Be Kind To Yourself

“God I’m such an idiot”, you think to yourself as you get an email back from your boss pointing out the things missing from your weekly report. “Of course I can’t find my way there! I’m so stupid”, you worry as you finish giving directions to a friend.   Do these thoughts sound familiar to Read more about Be Kind To Yourself[…]

Managing Anxiety and Depression: Automatic Negative Thoughts

Walking to work and you just can’t help but think “What’s the point? I’m exhausted and obviously today is going to be a horrible day” or maybe “My boss didn’t smile at me when I waved goodbye last night. He clearly is mad at me for that error on the proposal I submitted”. We have Read more about Managing Anxiety and Depression: Automatic Negative Thoughts[…]

Black and White Thinking

Overwhelmed in having to make a decision between two equally undesirable choices? You may be suffering from black and white thinking. Check out my latest blog post with one of the fantastic group therapy practice’s I work for, Christine Fernandez & Associates. Want help with overcoming black and white thinking? Schedule an appointment here.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Ever struggled with anxiety, depression, or just not feeling the way you want to be feeling? Ready to change your life for the better? You’re going to have to change the way you think first. Check out my guest blog post for the amazing practice I work for, Christine Fernandez & Associates, on this very Read more about Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life[…]

6 Inspirational Quotes to Change Your Negative Outlook

Wake up this morning on the wrong side of the bed? Having trouble changing your negative outlook? I have the honor of guest blogging with the group practice I work with, Christine Fernandez & Associates. Check out my latest guest blog post.

How To: Use Mindfulness to Improve Sleep

Being an adult is busy to say the least. When you aren’t working full time, you are trying to balance managing your health, your social life, your daily concrete responsibilities (rent, bills, etc.), and possibly even raising children. That alone is enough to leave your brain buzzing when you turn off the lights in your Read more about How To: Use Mindfulness to Improve Sleep[…]

3 Ways to Improve Sleep Tonight

You have just crawled into the comfort of your fluffy, warm bed on a chilly winter night. You snuggle up next to your loved one, exhausted from a long day of work and responsibilities, relieved that now you can finally rest. Or can you? As soon as you close your eyes it begins. Your mind Read more about 3 Ways to Improve Sleep Tonight[…]

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