Dating Mistakes Men Do That Kills Success With Women

  I recently had the opportunity to contribute to an expert round up about dating and dynamics between men and women. More specifically, I was asked to comment on dating mistakes that men make which ultimately kills their ability to be successful with women. See my contribution below and then take a moment to check[…]


You Want A Different Life: What Are You Doing About It?

You’re sitting at your desk at work thinking about your life. You were never this type of person until the beginning of last year. Your thoughts swim as you continue wondering how you got here. 3 months go by. You find yourself in the same position, at the same desk, thinking the same thoughts. Feeling[…]


Finding A Therapist You Trust

Finding a therapist who is right for you, makes you feel comfortable and safe, and that you trust is extremely important. Research even supports the importance of the therapeutic bond between therapist and client, often times citing a high correlation between this facet of therapy and successful outcomes. Check out my latest blog post on[…]