3 Easy Steps: How To Be Less Reactive

1. Understand Why It’s Important Not To Be Reactive We have all replied to that email a little to quickly. You are most definitely not alone in having said something and immediately regretting it. Even the best of us react at times without thoroughly thinking things through. Unfortunately, some more than others have a tendency Read more about 3 Easy Steps: How To Be Less Reactive[…]

There Is No One To “Complete” You

Still waiting on that perfect person to “complete” you? You might be waiting a long time. Check out my guest blogging article w/ the amazing practice I work for, Christine Fernandez & Associates, that addresses the importance of being a complete person before, during, and/or after a relationship. http://www.drchristinenyc.com/whole-person/

Anxiety: When To Seek Help

Everyone struggles with anxiety and worry thoughts now and again, but sometimes you may find yourself more anxious than you would like. You may sweat profusely when giving a presentation in a staff meeting. Your dating life might suffer. You may have trouble sleeping. You might avoid trying new things. Anxiety is not a fun Read more about Anxiety: When To Seek Help[…]

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