Manage Your Emotions, Change Your Life

When you think of people who need to learn how to better control their emotions, some stereotypes may come to mind. Flashes quickly pass of people who have a drug addiction, are suicidal, or need anger management. It may be easier to see how people who go from 0 to 100% at the smallest provocation Read more about Manage Your Emotions, Change Your Life[…]

Be Kind To Yourself

“God I’m such an idiot”, you think to yourself as you get an email back from your boss pointing out the things missing from your weekly report. “Of course I can’t find my way there! I’m so stupid”, you worry as you finish giving directions to a friend.   Do these thoughts sound familiar to Read more about Be Kind To Yourself[…]

Fill Up Your Happy Tank: Accumulating Positive Emotions

If you’re feeling worn down and like even your daily routine has become a struggle, check out my guest blog post with the amazing group practice I work for Dr. Christine Fernandez & Associates. Want some help from me in learning to feel happier and less stressed? Email me at .    

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