Dating Mistakes Men Do That Kills Success With Women


I recently had the opportunity to contribute to an expert round up about dating and dynamics between men and women. More specifically, I was asked to comment on dating mistakes that men make which ultimately kills their ability to be successful with women. See my contribution below and then take a moment to check out the full article!


Turning off their feelings

It’s understandable why this happens. Men are often socialized from a young age to suppress or not pay attention to their emotions. Young boys are often told to “suck it up” when they fall down. With enough of these experiences, they may quickly learn that how you feel is not as important as what you do. However, women are often socialized very differently. Little girls recevied soothing when they trip and hurt themselves. With enough of these experiences, they may quickly learn that it is OK to have feelings because we can cope with and communicate about them. These differences between men and women can become problematic if a man is especially out of touch with his emotions and trying to become closer with a woman. 

In order for men to succeed with women, they may have to do some re-programming from what society has taught them and how they may have been raised. They will need to be able to, or at least learn to, connect with and communicate about their feelings. It can be hard to do this, however. Sometimes they may need to seek help from a professional, in which case therapy can be helpful.

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