Find A Consistent Source of Emotional Support

More than anything, when coping with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue it is of the utmost importance to have a consistent source of emotional support. You may be lucky enough to have people in your life that can support you like this. However, I often find that most people have well-intention-ed, caring family and friends but still feel isolated and alone in their struggle with mental health. Feeling lonely, detached, physically weak, confused and an array of other emotional and physical reactions comes with the territory of mental health. It is also usually something that those around us can have sympathy for. However, through no fault of their own, our loved ones who are so caring struggle to empathize in a substantial way that makes you feel that you are getting the support you need. This is why I often recommend people suffering from any mental illness, chronic illness, or any other ongoing stressor to seek out formal mental health therapy and treatment. You will often find that a therapist can offer support, care, and concern to you in a way that your close circle is unable to, in addition to being able to help you learn how to cope more effectively with your mental health struggles.

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