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Coping With Your Family’s Mental Health

A continually overlooked group, however, are the friends and family members of those who struggle with mental health. These people often have their own equally important mental health needs.  Check out my latest guest blog post with one of the group therapy practice’s I work for, Christine Fernandez & Associates. Coping with Your Family’s Mental[…]

Anxious About Your Relationship? 4 Signs It May Be Cheating

Check out my latest guest blog contribution on Anxiety.org on what constitutes cheating on your partner, which is more of a grey area than you might realize. https://www.anxiety.org/relationship-anxiety-4-signs-of-cheating?utm_campaign=shareaholic  


Love Languages: Understanding Our Partner’s Communication Style

Are you feeling resentful because your spouse doesn’t clean up the dishes after dinner? Do you hate that your girlfriend doesn’t like holding hands as much as you do? What is it about these situations that upsets us so much? While the answer will obviously vary from person to person, often times at our core[…]


How To Say “No”

Are you a people please-er? Do you have a hard time saying “no” or asserting yourself in a high stress or emotional situation? You may have trouble setting limits or even knowing what your limits are. Checking out my latest guest blog post for one of the group therapy practices I work for, Christine Fernandez[…]


Coping Effectively: Avoid Avoiding

It’s a completely natural response to avoid things we don’t like or that are uncomfortable. Sometimes, however, this can cause more problems than it fixes. Read more about this topic in my latest blog post with the fabulous group therapy practice I work for, Christine Fernandez & Associates. http://www.drchristinenyc.com/avoid/


Using Radical Acceptance to Manage Emotions

Feeling stuck in negativity or like you can’t break free from being frustrated about something? Sometimes we have to accept the reality of a situation before we can be empowered to change it. This is called radical acceptance. Learn more about this amazing therapeutic coping skill in the guest blog post I wrote for one[…]