Combating Mental Health Stigma: Bipolar Disorder

Demi Lovato, former Disney princess and current pop music icon, has gotten some attention in the media recently for disclosing her battle with Bipolar Disorder. There is still significant stigma in society associated with mental health. Demi and other famous persons are actively working to combat it by coming out of the mental health closet[…]


How To: Use Mindfulness to Improve Sleep

Being an adult is busy to say the least. When you aren’t working full time, you are trying to balance managing your health, your social life, your daily concrete responsibilities (rent, bills, etc.), and possibly even raising children. That alone is enough to leave your brain buzzing when you turn off the lights in your[…]


Go To Bed With Your Spouse

Sex is certainly an important part of any relationship, but it isn’t the only important thing that happens in the bedroom with your spouse. Literally going to sleep in your bed together lays an important foundation for your relationship. With the busy lives we lead, it is often hard to sync up with anyone. Your[…]


5 Skills to Improve Your Relationship

In a world where technology allows us to be reachable by anyone 24-7, maintaining an intimate relationship with your spouse is tough. You come home from a long day at work, put down your bag (or bags), maybe exercise, scarf down dinner, check and respond to work and personal emails, continue to do any work[…]


How To: Argue With Your Spouse

Every relationship involves disagreements, arguments, and some level of learning to communicate with another person. Not every disagreement evolves into an argument. But, if something does, there are ways to argue well. The way you choose to communicate during these more heated conversations can ultimately determine its outcome. The following are a few recommendations to[…]

Letting Go Of Worry Thoughts

Check out my guest blog post about letting go of anxiety and worry thoughts with Dr. Christine Fernandez & Associates. It is based on a fantastic saying one of my former patients taught me: “Why are you letting someone have space in your head who isn’t paying any rent?”.