3 Important Uses for Humor

Something my mother taught me from a young age was the importance of laughter. Even in the most stressful of times, she was able to find a piece of irony to comment on or a goofy joke to make me chuckle. In her own private practice, she often uses humor as a means of communicating a message in a meaningful but easier to digest way. I mean it’s easier to accept feedback that you are blowing something way out of proportion when the person telling you makes you laugh in the process, right? I have also taken that approach in my work with patients and feel there are infinite benefits of using humor.

Coping With Laughter

Why does laughing make you “hurt so good”? It’s simple, really. Laughter releases hormones, such as endorphins, in the brain. There are infinite benefits to regular release of these types of chemicals including increased oxygen to the brain and pain relief.

Smiling To Change Your Mood

There is nothing that alleviates the emotional pain of a horrible, no good, very bad day like a good laugh. You may feel stuck in a depressed, angry, or agitated state from a negative work performance review or an argument with a friend. One good laugh from the right person at the right time seems to turn the direction of your day around. What if it didn’t have to be haphazard? Believe it or not, it is within your control to decide how you respond to negativity in your life. You can allow it to continue or you can actively choose to integrate positivity to combat it. Got a nasty email from your boss? Make sure you carve out time to go home and watch the latest Will Ferrall movie.

Humor As Social Connection

Nothing lets you know someone gets it like them being able to make a relatable joke. That’s why comedians like Amy Schumer or Louis CK are so revered. They make jokes and in between jaw hurting, howling laughter you say “God that is so true!”. When people make a joke about something in a genuine way, they are communicating that they are a part of the club of people that get it. That’s why it can be so important, when appropriate, to use humor to connect with people.


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