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Sex is certainly an important part of any relationship, but it isn’t the only important thing that happens in the bedroom with your spouse. Literally going to sleep in your bed together lays an important foundation for your relationship.

With the busy lives we lead, it is often hard to sync up with anyone. Your own co-workers sometimes have different schedules than you. Even if you do see your colleagues every day, odds are you don’t work with your spouse. By the time both of you get home, one of you is responding to work emails while the other is heading to the gym. Blending lives is hard enough, so why in the world would I ask you to add going to bed at the same time to your list of relationship goals?

Sharing a bedtime with your spouse has infinite benefits. By creating a ritual at bedtime together you will be creating a daily shared experience. Even if snuggling isn’t your thing, the time in bed before falling asleep will be spent being physically close to your partner. This releases positive hormones in your body and creates a feeling of connectedness. The more physically connected you are to your partner, the more emotionally connected you are.

There are often many barriers to going to bed with your partner. One of you may be a night owl and have trouble falling asleep. This can be solved by the two of you compromising about a bedtime halfway between when each of you tends to fall asleep. Another solution is for both of you going to bed at an agreed upon time and the night owl only leaving once the other is asleep. Or maybe the early sleeper can wear a sleep mask so the other can stay up and read in bed. The key point here is that unless you two are lucky enough to have the same sleep routine, some compromise will likely be in order. Get creative and make your solution work for your relationship!


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